Grand National Finishers Betting 2018

A very interesting Grand National bet is trying to guess the number of finishers in the Grand National. Many will think this is impossible and who would want to try and gamble on such an outcome but it is not as difficult as one would think. Currently the odds for this market look like this as we approach the big race, much of it will depend on the ground with soft ground likely to mean fewer finishers.

Grand National 2018 - Number of Finishers Odds

Away from finding the winner of the Grand National there are several other bets punters can have a flutter on and the Number of Finishers is an interesting one.

Bet on the Number of Grand National Finishers

When the online bookmakers are marking the odds up on this Grand National betting odds market, they will have knowledge of the number of finishers there have been in previous years and the prevailing ground conditions which has a major impact and then come up with a number where they offer odds of 5/6 each of two and in recent years this medium figure is around 15 or 16 finishers and you would be surprised as to the number of people who love to place an aintree bet on this market.

There is another variation to this where the bookmakers put up a number of possible outcomes which provide some better odds for more unlikely outcomes for example under 10 finishers, between 10 and 16, between 17 and 23 and 24 and above.

One important Grand National tip for this type of bet is should the ground be very soft there will be very few finishers as many horses will just not see out the four and half miles and there is usually many more fallers.

Types of Grand National Bets with Online Bookmakers