Grand National Betting Tips 2018

The Grand National is a race that everyone would like to back the winner not only for the money but also to be able to boast to your friends that you were the lucky one this year and you are a winner!

The Grand National is one of the hardest races to tip on as everyone knows but as we get closer to the big race we will be making our extra special selection that we hope will make the 2018 Grand National one an exciting and lucrative one.

2018 Grand National Tips

Awaiting Tips......

Tips for Betting on the Grand National

Grand National Betting TipsYou have probably come to this page because you have googled the search term Grand National tip or tips and you now think that this is easy and all you have to do is take the information offered and have your bet and see your new online betting account show a very nice healthy balance later in the day, if only it were that simple.

Nearer the day we shall be putting up our Grand National tip which is free to everyone and should you go with it we wish you the best of luck, for those of you who would like more of a challenge we have a number of Grand National tips to help you narrow down your selection from 40 to a shortlist for you to consider before placing your Grand National bet.

Making your Grand National Shortlist

Grand National ShortlistOur Grand National tips are to discount horses that are carrying more than 11 stone 2 pounds as history tells us that very few horses win with a weight more than this. This can knock out around seven of the 40 Grand National Runners.

The look at the horse are and the winner generally is around nine or ten so going by last years field and discounting the 7 already dismissed there is another 18 which can be ruled out narrowing down the possible winners to 15 possible winners who are carrying less than 11 stone 2 lbs and must be nine or ten in age.

Very importantly you now need to go through these remaining 15 runners and take out those who have not run on the Grand National Course as generally the winner will have had some experience, this will discount a further half dozen and you maybe left with 9 horses to make your selection from. Finally, look at the ground conditions and the stable that these runners are from and make sure the ground is in your favour and the stable is in good form, this may leave you with a final shortlist of 3 or 4 and possibly the way to go is have a small each way wager on all of these - using the best possible Bookmakers Grand National Odds.

Grand National Odds Comparison

Grand National OddsOnce you have made your selection we suggest that you consult our Grand National odds comparison table so as to see where you can get the best prices on your selections as like everything when we do back a winner we want to make sure we get the best price. Simply click on the best prices and this will direct you to the home page of that online bookmaker where you can register which only takes a couple of minutes and lodge some funds to cover your Grand National bets.

Complete odds comparison chart for the Grand National