Win Eachway Bets

Grand National Win and Each Way Bets

Most people that have a bet on the Grand National have a win bet and this is simply a single bet where you are backing the horse that you have taken a fancy to win the race that it finishes first amongst the 40 Grand National runners. You might have selected the horse by way of its previous form or ability to act on the Aintree course and fences or you have just selected the horse because you like the name.

Backing Grand National Runners Each Way

Having an each way bet on the Grand National is like have two bets on the same horse and this is the second most popular Grand National Bets. With this bet you put some money on the horse that you fancy to win and as it such a difficult race to win you then also have a place bet on the same horse to finish in the first four. To have an each way Grand National bet you must have the two bets on the same horse as you can not have one without the other except if you are betting on the tote pool betting markets.

So for example if you have £20 each way on a horse called Sparkle the total cost of this bet is £40, lets say the odds on Sparkle is 10/1 so if Sparkle wins at this price you will get £200 back for the win part plus your £20 stake that is £220 and the place part of the betting odds is worked out at a quarter of the 10/1 price so you get an additional £50 return on the place part of the bet plus the £20 stake back also, so that's a total return of £290.

Should Sparkle not win but come either 2nd, 3rd or 4th then you will just get £70 back in total making a profit of £30.

You should be aware that a lot of the online bookmakers will offering free aintree bets and also an additional place on the Grand National so for those who offer this concession you will get paid the £70 should your horse finish 5th.

Popular Grand National Betting Options and Bet Types