Winning Distance

Grand National Winning Distance Betting

The winning distance is another Grand National bet that proves very popular and it simply is making a guess as to how far the winning horse will win the race by. The online bookmakers will mark up a distance based on the ground on the day as the slower the ground potentially the larger the winning distance and vice versa.

It is worth nothing than in 2009 it was Mon Mome who took the victory by a big distance of 12 lengths. He stayed on like a dream over the last fence and if a horse can repeat that trick then there is some excellent value on offer.

Grand National Winning Distance Odds 2014

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Bet on the Grand National Length of Victory

For a race like the Grand National should normal conditions apply then a distance in the region of 5 lengths will possibly be put up by the bookmakers but if the ground is heavy this distance could be as much as 15 lengths.

So the odds will be put up at under and over i.e. for say the winning distance of 5 lengths should the ground be good the prices will be 5/6 five lengths and under and 5/6 above five lengths. You would be correct in thinking that the grand national runners odds with only two possible outcomes should be even money and you would be right however the bookmakers grand national odds will always take their margin!

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